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 Merchant Rewards Points COMING SOON!!!

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PostSubject: Merchant Rewards Points COMING SOON!!!    Fri Aug 27, 2010 7:30 pm

Merchant Rewards Points COMING SOON!!!

Beginning 1st September, merchants will have exclusive access to Merchant Rewards Points Program.

Merchant Rewards Points are points you earn whenever you buy mig33 credits. You can redeem the points for a variety of exclusive mig33 items, mig33 special services, mig33 credits or even CASH!

Who is it for?
The Merchant Rewards Points program is exclusively for Mentors and Merchants who send payments to mig33 directly.

How to earn Points?
Simply make monthly payments as a merchant to be part of this program. Every payment you send to mig33 will be rewarded with points.

How to redeem Points?
It is very easy to redeem your points. Simply fill up the redemption form and send it as an attachment via email to Your points can be redeemed as long as you have accumulated enough to enjoy your chosen rewards.

Visit merchant centre or send an email to to request for the form. You can also get it from your country representative.

Redeeming Points is just as easy as 1, 2 and 3!
1. Download redemption form

2. Complete and sign redemption form

3. Attach and send in an email to

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Merchant Rewards Points COMING SOON!!!
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